THE personal 3-day training session to get your information marketing business up and running!
If you would like to attend a 3 day training session with me to get your information marketing business up and running, THIS IS IT!
Who Am I?
My name is Fred Gleeck. I'm one of the top information marketers in the world. Don't ask me, just Google the words "information marketing" and see where I come up.

I’ve written close to 20 books. Most Recent: “Sell Your Brain Power: Information Marketing in 7 Easy Steps.
Here are the Specifics of This Program:
  • Convenience: Pick ANY 3 days. If I have those days available, we can do it!
  • Speed: Spend 3 days and leave with the complete knowledge of my "system"
  • Service: Get one-on-one attention rather than a group experience
Why do a PERSONAL bootcamp? A few reasons:
  • Time: If you have a schedule that won’t allow you to take a lot of time off, this will make a lot of sense for you.
  • Sensitive Material: If you have a concept, product, service or idea that you feel would be TOO sensitive to share in a group setting, I understand. Then, the personal bootcamp makes sense for you.
  • One-on-one: I will work with you all day, every day, until you leave. Naturally, we’ll have time for meals and some fun, but the bulk of the time will be taken up with my “downloading” as much information as I can from my brain to yours.
  • Flexible scheduling: Pick any three days in a row. ANY 3 days: weekends or weekdays! If we both have the dates free, that’s when we’ll do it. You won’t have to wait around for the next scheduled regular bootcamp.
  • Location Flexibility: I'm based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but I can do these 3 days anywhere you might like. I can even come to  your city if you prefer. The only additional fees are my airfare and hotel cost.
$9,500 for 3 days one-on-one with me. A $3,000 Non-refundable deposit is required to hold the dates. The balance is due a minimum of 30 days before we start.
How to Get Started
Fill out the form below. Make sure to include your phone number and the best time to call you. I'll call you back as soon as I get it to see if this event is right for you.
Here's What Others Have to Say About This Program:
Testimonials/Income Claims on this site:
The testimonials on this site definitely do NOT represent the "average" person that buys this or ANY of my products. I'm sad to say that VERY FEW people actually take action and do anything. The material is very good and those who DO take action generally achieve pretty good results, BUT, the vast majority, probably 98% of people do NOTHING. The testimonials on this site represent those who HAVE done SOMETHING. I only hope that you are one of them! I make no promises about your results. That's up to you. The information is solid. The testimonials represent a VERY SMALL portion of the people who use my system, much to my chagrin!

Some of the links here may be affiliate links. In cases like that I get paid an affiliate commission. I will never lie to you about things like that, but YOUR price if you decide to buy will not be affected. I am also VERY careful not to make ANY exaggerated income claims. Some people make money using my products and materials but the vast majority do NOT. This saddens me, but it's the truth. I only hope that YOU will be one of the few who makes money.
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